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Heating Elements plan and choice is analytic to the appropriate working of any vacuum furnace and is reliant upon various elements: maximum temperature; power load; partial compression and extinguish gases.By far most of vacuum heaters are electrically heated.
Graphite Heaters and heating element are produced from a pure carbon composite giving magnificent temperature consistency, life span, mechanical strength and repeatability. The importance of choosing the right alloy for its construction is very critical because of the heat created and transferred by the heating element.


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Heating Element Selection of Material-

The goal in choosing heating elements is to pick a material and cross sectional - area that gives the legitimate electrical resistance in order to generate the desired heat as output. The cross-sectional area of the material determines its resistance. All the other things being equivalent, the larger the cross sectional -area , the lower the resistance.

For higher heat yield applications, the thickness of the element increases, which brings down its resistance and permits more electric flow to stream.
For vacuum furnaces, the heating elements are wide strips to boost both their physical and glowing surface regions.
Stainless steel and nickel-chromium alloys are commonly used for lower temperature applications and at higher partial pressures, while graphite, molybdenum and tungsten are more common for higher temperature processes such as hardening, graphitizing, sintering and nickel or copper brazing.

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- Applications -

  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Inert gas furnaces
  • Heat treatment (hardening, carbonization, brazing, etc.)
  • Carbon fiber production
  • Cemented carbide production
  • Sintering applications
  • Technical ceramic production
  • CVD/PVD coating

We at EXPO, focus on Efficiency, Quality and Automation

Graphite composites fuse excellent essentials for the usage as heaters by their high firmness joined with the right resistivity for plate-shaped heating elements.
Innovative, high-grade strength graphite solutions are fundamental for building high-performance, high-temperature heaters.
By selecting the right components, the overall operating cost can be reduced in many applications.

  • We provide customized designs with the best quality materials to fit exactly what you need to optimize your heating applications.
  • Our graphite components and heating elements, helps in increasing the execution of the process in a wide range of applications and industries.
  • We can demonstrate various plans and materials to fit precisely what you need to enhance your heating application.

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World-renowned companies like Devu tools, Dietech India,MothersonSumi Systems, Kangaro, Seco Warwick, and many others have entrusted us in supplying their Graphite needs. And now it’s your turn to take the benefits of our quality services!


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Expo (founded in 1985) specializes in the machining of Graphite & Composites from more than a decade. Manufacturingand supplying high-grade products for industries has always been a pride for us. Our product ranges from Graphite EDM electrodes to customized graphite dies for Vacuum furnaces, continuous casting industry, sintering and also Carbon Composites - CFC and Carbon Fiber Insulation Boards, and many more! We use the high-grade raw material to make our products with extensive quality control norms.

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